October 18th, 2004

please die

The dog end of an intelligent thought gone by

last one for this week - intelligent thought, that is

Let's see...after about three failed past attempts and some fuss & shouting, I *finally* made it to see Richard Buckner at his usual faraway venue. In the Singer-Songwriter Sweepstakes, I would rate him as better than Will Oldham but, upon reflection, not quite as good as Howe Gelb. Also, the street plan for NoVa was obviously laid out by the same bunch of clowns who developed the Commonwealth's bifurcated court system. Virginia's a doozy of an effed-up place, y'all. (Cf. also at least one drip who spawned there.)

I am loathe to report the next tidbit, but it must be told. After all my hateful ranting about Green Day, I have decided I like the chord changes on American Idiot. PLEASE KILL ME.

Adieu, mes amies, mes amours, mes amerdes. (thanks for the texts and comments & we'll get back to ya)
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