October 15th, 2004


Dough Ray Me(me).

OK! Let's do it! Let's do the ol' "Pick 15 People Off Your F(r)iends List and Write Something About Each One and Don't Tell 'Em Who's Who, Just Let 'Em Sway in the Wind Between Egomania and Paranoia!" meme thinger!

Are you ready? HERE WE GO!!!

1. I like you.
2. I like you.
3. I like you.
4. I like you.
5. I like you.
6. I like you.
7. I like you.
8. I like you.
9. I like you.
10. I like you.
11. I like you.
12. I like you.
13. I like you.
14. OK, you I wonder about, I'm not sure whether I like you or not.
15. I like you.

Gosh, that was fun! I hope it comes around Meme Mountain again, with 30 next time!
no melodrama

it goes to eleven

i can hear a cat purring from about 12 feet away. i think it's the big J, he purrs super duper loud like a motor.

anyone else have a cat that purrs real loud?
john + yoko

Hot fudge pot tarps!

It's been a loooooooong week (these days, they all are, sorta). Was considering getting depressed this evening, but "Marrakesh Express" just came on the car radio, and I have just enough derned ol' hippie left in me to be incapable of staying depressed around that. So what if I never did dwugs? David Cwosby, bless his poly little head, did more than enough for all of us!

Think I'll go to bed while I'm still on a Parker House roll, here.
C all u cats n' kittens tomorrow.