October 9th, 2004

john + yoko

Oh ye of little sleep

By way of rare explanations, last night's bitchslappin' postfest was brought to you by my brain on the second night of getting home from work near midnight and then having to extract a Trojan from the bowels of the PC. Plus, this time of year annoys me. (No milk today) It wasn't always so. Guess I'll focus on the flowers, not sniff shit that makes 'em grow.
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john + yoko

Weekend Update (You ignorant slut :P)

Shopping malls are not good environments for people dealing with anxiety/ borderline ADD or whatever label they slap on overbusyness and hypersensitivity to stimulation this week.
Antique malls are not quite as bad, but almost. Hell, even thrift stores are suspect.
I wish I had realized this when I was younger, so I wouldn't have thought I was going nuts so many times, but I guess With Age Cums Whizdumb and all that. When I get back from those places, fun as they may be, I always have to fight the urge to burn everything I own and go join a Zen monastery, instead of continuing to fight the good fight to put the Mod back in Moderation.
I'm limiting my shopping excursions to no more than once a month and planning them. Today's was planned because I had to go to the hobby shop for more metal paint and then to pick up something so it wouldn't have to be shipped. It was rather a relief to have to cut it short, go home and wrestle two of my feraler cats into their little portable prison cells for a scheduled vet visit, even though Jasper did score a lucky hit on my hand vein. Haven't mopped up all the blood from various floors and furniture yet. Maybe I'll just leave it there till after Halloween and make like I decorated.
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