October 3rd, 2004

please die

I've Heard Enuf Bitching In My Life To Fill Two Puppy Mills Already...

i'm so sick of hearing/reading married women's bitchings about their husbands, and living-together-people's bitchings about each other, that i could just scream.

did it ever occur to your dumb asses that YOU are responsible for YOUR OWN happiness? that it doesn't come out of another person's actions? that if you are unsatisfied with life, maybe what you need to do is fix YOURSELF and get YOUR OWN LIFE, rather than shove off the blame on the nearest convenient target?

if a spouse or lover is that bad, or that annoying, cut your losses and ditch 'em. otherwise, shut the fuck up in public, because you sound disloyal and whiny and incapable of taking responsibility for yourself. and i hate indecisive people. if you can't decide whether or not to leave so-and-so, call me back when you've made up yer mind and stuck to it. i'm not interested in watching you jerk back and forth like a loaded ping-pong ball.

the other person in your relationship does not exist to serve your needs or make you happy or hand you a friggin' bouquet every afternoon. they exist to be your close friend while you Get Through This Thing Called Life together. i also don't get these people who claim that "everything changed once we moved in together/got married." that to me just means you didn't spend enough time realistically (i.e. with the moonlight-and-roses filter turned off) getting to know each other beforehand to figure out where the chips were going to fall long-term.

all this shite just reminds me of some formerly single friend of mine who was always going on and on about "wanting to find someone with THAT SPARK of excitement, THAT SPARK." all I could think was I'd be coming home after a long hard day of work and he'd want a SPARK? SPARK THIS, FUCKWAD. go light yer dick on fire and roast me a marshmallow.

my life has not been a 100% happy game of ring-around-the-rosy, but if i sat around blaming all my problems on my relationship partners, especially the ones that actually have/had the staying power to hang around for more than a couple of months, i'd still be sitting on my ass playing the put-the-blame game. apparently there are a lot of people out there more comfortable with sitting on their asses pointing their fingers than actually getting up and DOING something about whatever it is.

at any rate, even if i was unhappy with something someone in a long-term relationshit with me had done, i ain't gonna share it with anybody lookin' for a bitch party. the people i've loved have, for the most part, been my very good friends, better to me than most of the bitches who'd be wanting me to bitch about 'em. unlike some women, i don't regard males as some sort of incomprehensible stupid species that need to be discussed with other women all damn day 'cause "guys are just too hard to understand". i've known a few weird guys, sure, but they were weird because they were WEIRD, not just because they had a dick attached, and i've known my share of weirdo females to match them. and i don't find it a fucking "bonding experience" or whatever to join in a big, usually all-female, slag-the-SO circle jerk session. whatever their faults, my loved ones have all deserved better treatment than that!
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john + yoko

Dear Idiot Neighbor:

When a man with a clipboard, presumably a process server for one of the endless divorce/bankruptcy actions that permeate these parts, comes a'poundin' on the door of the house a block down at 8 in the morning on a Sunday, thereby waking the neighborhood, the way to deal with it is NOT to go out on your front porch and yell up the street at the process server, thus waking the rest of the neighborhood that had managed to sleep through the pounding, and if you MUST yell at said process server, please do NOT call him a name if he is a different color from you, thus provoking a Spike Lee race-based screaming argument in the middle of the street directly under my window.

postscript: It is now 10:30 am, I am awake, and the entire 'hood is silent as the grave.
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john + yoko

Also, the highlight of my day...

I usually fill the greasy pans with water till they cool off and I can wash them, but I left one for a couple of days and the water evaporated and this being fly season one laid its eggs and MMMMMMMMMAGGOTS!!!

dammit, i never had vermin when i lived above the mason-dixon line!
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