September 23rd, 2004

john + yoko

gabba gabba hi

went to see the ramones movie tonight. sad that the three main ones are all dead; maybe they're making three beautiful chords in heaven now.
two quick things to look out for if you see it:

1. fun kitty cat cameo during "kkk took my baby away" portion

2. at the end, about a minute into the credits, where they unveil the "joey ramone place" street sign, look at the crowd and see if you see me. there's a good chance i didn't make it into the footage, but as i was standing right there (as some of my "f(r)iends" (? whatever the fuck that word means anymore) might recall), it's possible that i did. unfortunately the scene is only on the screen for about two seconds so i didn't notice for sure one way or the other. if you do, let me know. otherwise i'll just hold my breath till the dvd comes out.

th-th-th-that's all, ffucks!

p.s. don't take this as me returning to posting. i ain't in the mood right now, for a great many reasons.

p.p.s. that's emphasis on the "great many" because it's not anybody specific's fault, plus as some of you know from talking to me, i've been trying to get my emo ass off here more for some months.