September 14th, 2004

if i gave a crap

Need a break from this thing before I break this thing.

I really hate feeling Creepy, crappy, creepy, crappy, creepycreepycrappycrappycreepycreepycrappycrappycreepycreepycrappycrappy *INSERT BIG BASS BREAK BY BROKE DOWN BASSIST HERE* for no good reason. I want to go around to people's journals who I just don't like even if I don't know them and tell them EXACTLY what I think of them. I also want to yowl and claw like Tabbitha, just for the hell of it.

BUT...cannot give into the impulse...I got places to go...people to annoy!!

I'll try to comment. You wanna chat with me? E-mail. Text. AIM. Fone. Just don't you dare yell at me for taking up too much of your time. Cuz then I *REALLY WILL* KICK YOUR ASS.
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