September 11th, 2004

if i gave a crap

Art carny.

on a distantly related note, i have no use for "artists" who disdain ppl who buy their work as greedy suckers of creativity that said buyers do not themselves possess. or those who aSSume that we all are hoping it will appreciate in value so we will be getting in on the ground flo0r of the next frank stella...please.

i buy stuff because i like it and buying it makes me happy. i personally feel better about being happy over someone's art than i do about some "status good" like a big house or a ferrari. often, though not always, i know that said artist can probably use the money more than said ferrari dealer. so why be snotty about it?

i've also noted that this seems to apply primarily to visual artists. as in, i've never seen a live band complain about its audience being a bunch of uncreative slobs who went out to shows because they were too "uncreative" to wield an instrument themselves. except for johnny rotten's rants, and we all knew those were just part of his act and he was thrilled to see butts in the seats. plus half those ppl in the audience have played in a Shitty Band (tm) themselves. just like half the ppl buying art have painted a picture or strung some objects into a necklace or taken photos or molded some sculpey or slapped a collage together or some of all of the above, just because they aren't announcing it don't assume they're a bunch of greedy bastridges unless they say out loud that they're just looking for an "investment", whatever.

man...ppl and their aSSitudes...
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