August 28th, 2004


Naturnal disaster.

When we interrupt this program
When the errbrakes scream and the sirens puke
And you shut your door on bewildered pests
And watch the news all day
In a room attached I click it away
A water beetle am I, a fly
In amber airwaves of gelatin-grain
Suspensed in unreality,
A character off children's TV
Trusting the end of each half hour.
Daily we eat routine
It breaks our teeth and wears us down
Like ducks full of buckshot
Like peach pits we suck in vain
seeking useless laetrile within.
But today is uncalendared Saturday,
The news our cartoon
Drones, drawls through endless afternoon
No work, or days spent plotting on maps
And living like this day is our blast.
I'm Mighty Isis! I'm Dynagirl!
And this is the way we live through war,
This is the day I love it go,
This is the day I love you more.
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