August 18th, 2004

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Bark Book

Some people are tree huggers. I'm a tree petter. I adore different textures of bark. This barks, I mean harks, back to my childhood when I spent hours on end playing with the neighbors' humongous, decrepit old maple and pulling bark off it and finding bugs and fungus and hurling the lot at my little playmates and all that good stuff. When I got older and started going to Australia and other places, I became aware that not all bark was like maple bark (although it still remains a favorite of mine for obvious reasons), and I got really into all the different textures and colours and stuff.

While I was gasping for breath over mini bougainvillea trunks and mature peely paperbarks in the gardens last week, I thought surely there must be a bark book out there with pictures. Lo and behold, there is:

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