August 16th, 2004



still reading and slightly commenting but haven't felt like posting anything much for a bit. i'm at a point where thinking thoughts and writing about them isn't doing it for me anymore. i've figured out how i feel about everything, or at least as much as i can figure on Here with ppl around. now it's time for some action Jackson. get a few things done and stick a fork in 'em. */snip
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westerberg. (and sex.)

i thought a few of you would enjoy this:

(the rest of the paper it was in contains a very, very, VERY lengthy series of supposedly true stories/pictures concerning sex in various city locales, like penthouse letters redrafted by richard linklater. ugh, grubby. said article posits that when you are young you endlessly discuss Sex and when you are Old you endlessly discuss Real Estate. ??? since approximately age 22 I have Always been more interested in real estate, sex being fairly cheap/easy to get while real estate is Not. i swear there was at least one guy whose house i preferred to him. at any rate neither subject is one i care to discuss at length, given that when you spot a good thing in either area, some buttinsky is bound to try and cut in on the deal if you open your fat yap.)