August 1st, 2004

john + yoko


All the flapdoodle about who got/didn't get/deserves/doesn't deserve/is scalping etc. tix to GBV's last New Years' shows in Chicago is making me very, very glad I simply included myself out. Man, what a circus this is turning into already.

Also, I wonder when certain Postal Blowfish will understand that one reason some people don't like their list, or at least certain people on it, is because they consistently carry on about how everybody SHOULD like them and their list, and anyone who doesn't is some kind of a substandard A-hole. *rolls eyes* I don't think I need to elaborate further on that point. I really don't.
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honi soit


in order to get the last post off my mind, and to quell the bad impulse i have to make long venty postings about who really acts like an a-hole and how (I am getting very angry thinking about it and hearing certain name(s) but do not want to pollute the net with interpersonal turds), I am instead going to post about all the good things in my life and go to bed. If this is too sickening sweet for you please scroll past it and simply think of it as one of those Exercises I Do In Rehab For My Life :P

- I am thankful for my "extended family" who give and receive love, who give me reasons to go on when I don't have any others, who light a constructive fire under my ass when needed, who call bullshit on me when needed, who take it to heart when I call bullshit on them even when they don't agree or need to think on it some more, and who most of all STAY AROUND FOR ME AND DON'T LEAVE ME just because they find something better or more interesting to do (that includes "do" in the sense of "have sex with") or don't want to be bothered with me and my life anymore.

- I am thankful for my good friends who talk to me, who are there for me when I need them, who understand my bad or un-fun moods, who listen to me bitch sometimes, who bitch to me sometimes, who laugh at my jokes, who make me laugh, who know I am a good person, who make time for me, who do fun projects with me, who go places with me, who visit me and like to have me visit them, who don't treat me like I'm bothering them, who make the effort to meet me halfway when there's a conflict or who just don't have conflicts with me much or at all.

- I am thankful for my friendly acquaintances who talk to me about interesting things, who are polite even when we disagree, who discuss rather than arguing, who respect me AND my family, who give me the benefit of the doubt when they don't know me well enough to know for sure, who show me that someone can be different from me without being a jerk, who don't ask me questions, who don't act all superior, who are fun, who are kind.

- I am thankful for the furballs who love me and seem happy when I love them and who teach me lessons about self-worth, unconditional love, personalities, nerves and getting along with each other.

- I am thankful for many beautiful rainy days, the occasional sunny day, flowers, trees, plants, rocks, critters and even bugs as long as they are outside, not biting me and not crapping up my house.

- I am thankful for my favorite cities, bodies of water, architecture styles, and Jeeps.

- I am thankful for wonderful works of art, writing and music, even when their creators are acting like jerks on a personal level (at which time I am also thankful for the lessons in tolerance I have learned from all the people I already gave thanks for above).

- I am thankful for my good job opportunities, for my ability to do my work, for the chance to do something recognized and enjoyable, for my pay.

- I am thankful for the good health I do have, although this is an area where there is room for improvement IMHO.

- I am thankful for all the places I go to make myself feel better when I am down, from the used bookstore to the conservatory to the beautiful cathedrals to my favorite clubs.

- I am occasionally thankful for alcohol and even more thankful that I do not have a dependency problem with it or anything else.

- I am even thankful for LiveJournal, for the I-net in general, and also for my paper journal.

- I am thankful for everything I might have forgotten or had to leave out above. and now I am going to sleep.
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Waiting for Coffee.

I just got rid of a whole arkload of f(r)iends filters offa my journal. Those things confuse me no end. I kept a very few that I used for some past posts but I don't care to use any of them, except the music-interests filter maybe, for any future postings.
bagels for 500 alex

Blue Velveeta.

cleaning out more of the house today, which I absolutely love to spend time doing (really, i do) but which is also nervewracking because of family stuff and also because i tend to find emotionally loaded whatsits that i forgot i owned. Every once in a while i do find something super classic, like this pamphlet the grocery store gave away:

Considering that the pamphlet is dated 1977, and looks it, art-wise, and I didn't darken the door of that particular regional foodchain till late 1985, I'd say Giant Foods had a hard time unloading these babies. it's the type of thing I would have thought was funny in the 80s, and considering the passage of time, has now reached the level of Hilarious.

(Picture posted with LJ photo hosting beta. Please report any problems in the comments.)
john + yoko

by the way

if anyone actually wanted to see the picture of that turkey voodoo doll thingy, i just figured out that there was a security problem with the LJ beta (which isn't very user-friendly at this point compared to my normal host, so it took me a while to figure out). so the picture is now up on this entry. thanks to the one person who pointed out that it was down.