July 29th, 2004

gay bar doggie


waxpumpkin finished printing the new issue of Ella Guru Zine, a music, arts and lifestyle organ pleasantly reeking of Kinko's Ink. A bunch of my friends are in it! I even have stuff in it! ::gets all round-eyed and faints:: If you're interested, Nik's posted some contact info here.

I'll make some promo posts on the cleveland music fora about it latah...
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Why bother

I don't understand people who "date". Like, older single people who have been in a relationship for a while and bust up and then want to meet people for a possible new relationship, or even friendship, and join dating sites or get introductions, and go out hoping that Something will transpire and they will Get Along Famously with whoever it is. What usually seems to happen instead is, they sort of get along and sort of don't and end up anxiously monitoring the progress of events like a fledgling intern watching his first heart patient's vitals.

I can almost - almost - relate better to the boff-'em-and-leave-'em variety. Not admirable behavior, but it takes way less time and seems much more relaxing than sitting up nights worrying about whether you and X will still be together tomorrow.

I think if I found myself completely alone from a weewayshunshit standpoint tomorrow, I wouldn't bother trying to "meet" "anyone". I mean, I would still be able to bullshit about music and life with people like Mil and Nik and Tom and Hedgie. I would still be able to go just about everywhere I already tend to go by myself. I suppose I would miss having someone speshul to hug, etc., but that's not worth sitting up tearing my hair out over when you already have a truckload of memories. Yes, I know you can't put your arms around a memory, but you don't have to dust it either.

Worrying abt relationships took up too much of my time when I guess I hadn't had enough to feel satisfied in my life. I've had enough now. I wouldn't want to go back to that worry place again. Not for looooouuuuuurrve, not for nuthin' when there are so many other wonderful and important things in life to do.
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Sparkly Stuff!!

I got a box from mileshedgehog today! with Thurgood Marshall stamps On it, and some nice jewelry and thingies In it. ***~Thank You!!~*** I hooked the little Snoopy right inside my tote bag where I can see him every day and he won't get lost, and put the jewelry right on me. I think I'll leave it on, because physically I've been feeling sort of yucko, bucko lately and if you're like me and think the world is crammed with untrustworthy blue meanies, it feels good to wear something made by a good friend. Like armor :) The little Egypt cat is likely to end up in my next project, which has Syd Barrett-y overtones.

I'm doing something really monotonous at work lately and I need it to be over so I can pay better attention to Other Parts of My Life. Must dash.