July 23rd, 2004

sex happens

I Will Never Understand The Majority of Human Beings and How They Think, Chapter 317

Somebody on Disarm started the usual big stupid discussion of ex's. Man a lot of people sure have a thing about talking about their ex's. Man a lot of people also sure have a thing about either (a) staying "friends" with their ex's or (b) wondering/finding out/seeing signs of their ex having S-E-X with someone else.

Both issues score a big fat "Who the hell cares?" in my book.

Glad I grew up on the tail end of the Frankie-Goes-to-Hollywood-Non-Monogamous era. I cannot imagine being nervous about anyone in my life short of my mother seeing a condom laying around by my bed. By the way, does anyone else think a "Condom Tree" for the bathroom would be a fun holiday craft project? Has Good Housekeeping featured this concept yet? It would be big fun for all the Ho, Ho, Ho's! ;)