July 21st, 2004

please die

Butt Trumpets

So, Darling Nikki recently decided that Miles Davis is living in his rectum and playing a solo every once in a while. Like I told him, I refuse to have any jazz legends living up my butt, not even Sammy Kaye from my freakin' hometown. (Glenn Miller is too much of a gentleman to be in this conversation.) I have a more classic-rock sort of arse and if anyone's going to be tootling up there, it's probably going to be Cynthia from the Family Stone, or one of the horns from Kozmic Blues Band or Todd R's recording of "Dust in the Wind", or the brass section from Chicago as long as they keep playing "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?" And it goes without saying that none of them are allowed to plug me with a mute.
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Love in the Time of Retin-A.

Via phuzzydee, I noticed this post by an LJ'er who is a good writer (and whose journal I drop in and read sometimes) was going around.


and here is part of the comment I left Dee:
but also i do have to say, not to pee on the entry, but i don't think most people have a clue what it's like to be 40 and still in love with somebody you met in your early 20s. it's very nice, but it's not like what ppl imagine it is. it's nice in a different fashion.
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john + yoko


per derekfz i figured out that i have met approximately 25 LJ peeps in person. of those, approximately 7 are no longer on my f(r)iends list.

also, i have talked to approximately 11 LJ peeps on the fone, 9 of whom i have met in person. (unlike most ppl, talking on the fone is more intimate for me than just meeting people. a fone chat more or less indicates that i consider you a Good Friend.) of those, approximately 3 are no longer on my f(r)iends list. then there are 2 I have foned with but never met in person, although I consider them both such good friends of mine that I tend to completely forget that fact. anyway I want to meet both of them soon in order to end that confusion :)

there are a bunch more ppl i'd love to meet or fone and i'm sure when the time is right we'll all get around to it or if the time's not right well then it just wasn't meant to happen now was it.
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For all good kids

on my f(r)iends list, that is, here's the graphic to the David Segal feature in yesterday's Wash Post.

Every time I start getting bored or annoyed at GBV for sins or rants past, or think what major doofuses they tend to attract as fans (present company excepted), I think how I wouldn't have met d or naomi without 'em and because of that i wouldn't have met about 1,000 other ppl and my life would be Totally Different Probably Not in a Good Way. With Surgical Focus, blablabla.
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