July 20th, 2004

garlic dance


So Lynne Cheney used to write lesbian fiction, eh?


They should start handing out Tipper Gore awards for Best Hypocrisy by a Political Spouse. Some days I envision a world where all the pols were true to themselves instead of faking up an image to get votes. I bet Washington would start looking like a big ol' fetish ball.
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it's a real bust

this place just opened up this year near williamsburg. i wonder if we'll have time for a side trip before i start the new job...

click here for more pictures from some photog who's all anal about having people link to their snaps *shrug*

t. at work asked if one could climb on the busts and i said i didn't think so and she said, then what's the point? i have to admit she's right, but i'd still like to see 'um. plus, the park also features presidential trivia. did YOU know that james knox polk once had gallbladder surgery without anesthesia?
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