June 21st, 2004

please die

The Bridges of Madison County, I mean Avenue

I have always believed that some ppl you run into in life are just bridges. Transitional relationships whose main purpose in appearing is to get you from one place in your life to another, get you Over something and on to the next thing, and usually on to some person who is a whole big verse-chorus-verse song in your life and not just a bridge.

I don't think being a bridge for somebody is much fun though, because it means somebody's going to be walking or driving all over you, and the minute you take them to the other side they take off down the road.

Therefore, if you must be a bridge, be a confounded bridge. Named Lloyd.
And proudly sing like Elton John, I'M A BRIDGE, I'M A BRIDGE, I'M A BRIDGE IS BACK!
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