June 20th, 2004

party monkey


Was feeling kind of ill so I sat up half the night talking on the fone, listening to Sounder and finishing my Hail to the Chief mood theme. I have at least one mood assigned for every president and I tried to associate them logically, although if you haven't read a lot about the presidents some of the associations are pretty obscure. I'll also admit that I didn't have a clue in hell what to put for Benjamin Harrison.

Saw the DKT-MC5 tour Friday night. Crenshaw ruled on guitar though with his head shaved he looked almost as elderly as D, K and T. I saw him from a distance standing in the wings and mistook him for Brutha Wayne. Evan Dando looked perpetually pupil-pinned and I spent most of the show wondering if that was all his own hair, also if his fall into that puddle of beer was planned as he looked really surprised laying on the stage. Mark Arm resembled Johnny Marr doing a Henry Rollins impression. The instrumental music was so utterly, utterly damn good that it overcame all these minor flaws. Best non-local show I've seen in a few years. Now DLing recording of show, nuking some 7-11 frozen quesadillas and maybe going back to bed.
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