June 15th, 2004


"Hand me that piano."

Apart from her essentially unimportant personal shortcomings, McCullers was that true rarity, a born writer. She had to write, and it is reasonable to assume that she came up short in other aspects of her life because they simply didn't matter to her the way writing did. It is also reasonable to assume that she was haunted by memory so deep and acute that it pained her, and that she turned to alcohol as a release from it. That would make her scarcely the first writer, or artist, thus cursed, and blessed.

- Jonathan Yardley, from the Washington Post
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Energy Saving Idea! Call BGE!

I just noticed that the cat made a little breeze as she jumped off the coffee table. If I could get all six of them to do that in unison, and then jump back up, and jump back down, and keep that up for about an hour, I wouldn't need an electric fan. Plus it would be wonderful aerobic exercise for the sedentary beasts.