June 14th, 2004


before I post I'd like to thank the Academy

or at least that party who texted me a humorously convoluted Dylan lywreak at abt 3-4 am Sunday my time and thus woke me up from a complicated dream involving two friends of mine, someone else who I'm not sure is a friend or not, a beagle dressed up as a scary robot, a colony of artistic wimmen living in a craftsman bungalow dressed in denim arttowear heavily seed beaded with flowers, a treehouse next door, a circus ring in the tree above the house featuring jugglers and a knife throwing act, the White Stripes, a long string of beautiful lingams that compelled one to always tell the truth while holding or wearing it, a shady lawyer being exposed in a McCarthy-type hearing, and the city of Seattle. all very interesting but dreaming that hard in colour tires me out for the rest of the day.
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It's F(l)ag Day, so, like, wave something, dammit

Got a new desk rock to go with my other two (Cleveland) rocks that I got Down By the Lake during Hideous Xmas #2 of 2 (2001). Big rock fan, that's me. I could wax detailed about Rocks and Rain as Reminders of smoky memories, of People who do/did/din't/don't Speak to Me or visa vice-a, but that would leave me no brainspace to consider the Pledge Case Opinion that was cutely released today and which is a much better waste of my processing time...Well, that was an EZ call, getting rid of it on standing while concurrently addressing the actual issue. Is there any part of the Constitution that Justice Thomas thinks was correctly interpreted?
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