May 26th, 2004


count to ten.

breath and move and speak in delay
ripple-free at the creamy center of me
making haste slowmo, like a welsh rabbit
"function in disaster, finish in style"
fifteen buttons and you have to take it all off
"lighting twenty cigarettes and setting them down"

with grace
with calm rationality
with quiet efficiency
economy of motion and e motion
one well-directed knockout punch

like a lept cat
like a silent lightning crack
like the geisha i am inside
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sex happens

of interest mostly to mileshedgehog

Apparently Lotsapaloozers, I mean Lollapalooza, is going to be at Merriweather Post this year. You heard me. Not at the raceway in rural Virginia...instead, Morrissey, cicadas, and hundreds of heat-crazed teenagers will swarm beautiful downtown Columbia. Dancing half nekkid in the office park fountains, getting stoned in Symphony Woods, just like back when the Deadheads used to show up once a year and pee on people's lawns. How the HELL did they get this past the NIMBYs and town council?

I am so seriously tempted to go. For olde tymes sake. :)
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garlic dance

Shot o' love

My oh my we (me and the mouse in my navel) are feeling SO much better. Hormones, they're a beautiful thing, kids!! By the way, for those keeping score in the cheap seats, that's NOT my oblique way of indicating that I'm going through mentalpause. When we get to that bend in the road, I promise you'll be the first to know. I may even print up flyerz, Just for You, Nosey!! :P

I just stopped by to tell youse I have a great idea for a project involving pink dyed heavyweight hemp and a number of stuffed Andy Warhol dolls. Also, I have not forgotten my plan to sew giant hotdogs and recently discovered that gold chamois makes great looking mustard!

Wuv to sum of you.
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Pingouin a Paris

oh yeah...

My new favorite penguin toy! I left the link for acid_christ earlier but figured the rest of you might have a go as well. Remember, when you see the penguin, click where it says "Click Here" because i missed that the first time and was sitting there like an idiot waiting for the pengy to do something.
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