May 21st, 2004

john + yoko

convenience store-y

well i'm still more or less on unofficial break from posting anything much here, but i did want to tell you all that i just got back from the 7-11 where i saw Hefty Counter Girl #1 changing the cheese in the nacho topping dispenser. it's this giant squirty plastic bag full of cheese with a tube where it squirts out. like a radioactively mutated udder. also, the dispenser had el cheapo ratmeat chili rigged to squirt out the other nozzle, and the chili sack looked like a family-sized colostomy bag.

while the Changing of the Cheese Bag was going on, Hefty Counter Girl #2 (the one who looks like three of my friendsexgirlfriends) was whooping and hollering, "I lost a pound! I went to the doctor today and she weighed me and I lost a pound! I was so happy, and she said, 'What're you happy about losing a pound for, when you're PREGNANT?! Well hey, losin' a pound's ALWAYS somethin' to be happy about, isn't it?"

Also a BFWG (Big Fat White Guy) was arguing with his little chubby nine-year-old daughter (who was dressed in a brand-new Randy Travis concert T-shirt) about whether she could have a snack. He was saying, "All I'm buyin' you is a cup of coffee. You want a cup of coffee? Fine, you don't want one? OK, you want one now? Well it's too late. You already said you didn't want one, I'm not gettin' you one." I don't know when it became cool to feed coffee to kids under 10 but even assuming that it is, the idea of horrible 7-11 coffee as a kiddie treat smacks of child abuse in my book. Maybe she puts 15 flavored non-dairy creamers in it or something.

this post was dedicated to derekfz in honor of his post about Cap's and to danigolden, just because.
sqrrl drink drunk

i'm shutting up now,

so you shut up too and go look at some works by my favorite 80's visual artist, the late clay huffman. doesn't he look like thomas dolby?

the webshots don't do credit to his colors - those prints, several of which i saw in person, were very bright. but you can sort of get an idea. unfortunately, i had no money for art collectin' then, so alls i have by him are a couple of postcards.

propz to dementedpimento for finding the clay huffman link.
l8r, babez