May 17th, 2004

no melodrama

needing a break

I feel like I need a break from this place whether I take one or not. I find myself harping on the same themes too much and sort of repeating myself. I know we all do this because there are thoughts and feelings in our lives that we tend to come back to over and over, but I'm tired of the same old ruts. also as someone pointed out, there's a lot of stuff in life that might not even come up if we didn't have these journals. up to a point, posting about life stuff is cathartic, past that point it starts to feel forced, especially if it's a public journal.

making myself take a break is almost as stressful as making myself post. making oneself do anything is a pain in the butt. so i think i'll try to find some way to take a break without making a big fat hairy "I'm Taking a Break from LiveJournal!" deal out of it.
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