May 16th, 2004

reddy kilowatt

Another exciting episode of Geezer Rock!

MoB were decent, although most of their songs (with the exception of "Trem Two", still pretty after all these years) sound alike. That's OK, they're from that era when All the Bands Sounded Mostly Alike and Wore Jackboots. That was before Homestead invented Indie Rawk. Eh, I guess everybody needs to hear "Revolver" live once before they croak. The crowd had me baffled though. No pit whatsoever, all they did was occasionally pogo politely up and down in place! Geez! I also didn't see the point of putting drummer behind a plexiglass shield when nobody attempted to toss so much as a wadded-up gum wrapper all night.

I saw a poster for Simon and Garfunkel, guest starring the Everly Brothers, in the lobby. Forget that, I ain't that old, and Art Garfunkel is no Tony Bennett.
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Pingouin a Paris

en passant

I never liked you very much, but I was trying to give you a chance, figuring I might learn something.
Heh, I learned something all right...not to waste my time in the future.