May 9th, 2004

honi soit

Value old money and say that i have no Values

after yesterday's posts i was thinking of other things I Value
i can make a list, and there's No Reason in the world i shouldn't put it Here
in no particular order here's what I me myself think is uberimportant

1. not minding other people's business
2. knowing when to shut up
3. regular communications, getting back to people in a timely fashion and not just when you feel like it once every four months
4. not calling somebody a Friend unless you'd truly go to some limit for them and understanding that it takes awhile to get to that point (i.e. somebody you just met last month does not belong on the same level as somebody you've known for 10 years)
5. respecting other people
6. respecting yourself
7. controlling yourself especially in public
8. working regularly
9. supporting yourself and being independent in general
10. having common sense about what you do and who you hang around with - for instance, not getting drunk every weekend, not hanging out with people who beat you up and steal from you, etc., see #6
11. being reasonably intelligent at managing your finances, your school work, etc. (as in, we all fuck up sometimes but don't fuck up ALL the time)
12. keeping your promises, including your promises to love people or be there for them
13. not demanding that other people constantly reassure you or kiss your ass, especially people you don't know who don't owe you jackshit
14. not lying in general, although it's okay to say "that's private - none of your business"
15. not getting too defensive
16. being reasonably rational about hot-button shit (i.e. if you know you have a trigger, understand that not everybody else does, or they don't have the same one as you)
17. minimizing the amount of shit talking you add to the universe's ever-growing shit heap
18. being non-judgmental in general
19. setting limits on demands that people make from you instead of being a martyr and then blaming them for your martyrdom
20. sense of humor
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remember when I said

that I'd go see MoB when they started just doing the regular concert tour thang instead of the Media-Event-With-Thurston-Moore! thang? Seeing as how the fuss has now died down, I bought a ticket today.

I hate fuss. I just put up with it for RFTT 'cuz they're homeys.

Okie, I'll quit a'postin' and get out of you-un's faces now till the morrow.
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