May 2nd, 2004

bagels for 500 alex

the future is in plastics!

so instead of actually getting anything done this evening, i'm sitting here oohing and aahing over that novelties website i just found...i see so many things there that relate to different people on my f(r)iends list...

hot dogs for slickidiot and his friends

chawklet for asssssssssp

angry japanese chefs for littlekyro

mini nude telescope viewers for derekfz

hey waxpumpkin, you need another watch?

i bet nullskills could make some cool art with this camera

i personally cannot stand this guy, but i guess lyeta likes him

all the Hip Indie People I know should get one of these kewl pendants. remember kids, home taping was killing the record industry way before napster and soulseek finished it off!

these reminded me of mileshedgehog, although she'd prolly be more interested in either the wrestling watches or the peanuts snowglobes

and an entire box of hubert humphreys for me, that being the first election i remember

not to mention a full set of barnyard commandoes featuring Sgt. Shoat N. Sweet (i actually own that figure already because a guy i dated bought it for me as a surprise, along with about two dozen Food Fighter toys)

i haven't had this much fun since my mom took my johnson smith catalog away because she thought the fake poops and fart cushions were too rude...
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I just walked around in the damp grass in sprinkly rain picking violets in my bare feet. This sounds a lot more "romantic" than it actually is, although it was very pleasant.


I'm seriously starting to worry that my math/logic skills (whatever ones I had, which arguably weren't very developed) have been atrophying and i'm turning into one of those verbal gerbil lawyer types. I enjoy what I do all day at the office, most days, but I don't want to lose the other half of my personality or lose that avenue of reasoning power. it's true i'm a little more verbally gifted, but i mean, my sats were 99th percentile verbal 97th percentile math so it's not like my skillz should be THAT far apart. i need to focus some of my energy back in the mathematical line.
john + yoko

my friends

this post is meant for (1) my real-life friends who read this and (2) my Internet friends, i.e. people who actually consider me a "friend" and vice versa, as opposed to just Random Blog Exchange, but who i can't really see in real life because we live a million miles away from each other.

i'm not going to try to make categories of who falls where, you either know where you are or can sit where you like. random blog exchange is OK with me - it means a lot of people read this blog who i don't totally trust, but that's the nature of the online beast, so i just don't tell you anything much and then we be cool.

but anyway, back to my actual friends.
thanks for being you, and being friends with me.
you all rock, and i really appreciate it.