May 1st, 2004

john + yoko

it's hard

when i feel like i can't be true to myself, and also be what someone wants, or say things the way they want to hear...
i wonder if there's anybody, besides my mom and spouse, who just likes/loves me the way i am? i don't mean in the sense of never having a problem whatsoever, we all get on each other's nerves occasionally, but in liking, oh maybe 95% of me?
then again, if i have two people on this earth who feel that way (i know dad would have been a third, in fact he would have been so thrilled at me being one of those Washington Lawyers he used to idolize so much he wouldn't have been able to contain himself) i'm probably doing better than lots of other people.

this isn't me whining about my life, just thinking about how sometimes i feel like i'm in school and don't give the answer the teacher wants to hear, so i don't get a gold star. and that pisses me off because Life isn't School, and pleasing others is bad grounds for handing out gold stars.
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sqrrl drink drunk

roy cohn's skeleton is probably still in the closet

and while i'm at it i should get a bag of these commie skeletons for my mom who is finally having the cataract surgery she's been trying to put off and didn't want to tell me cuz she's weird like that.

she just got done telling me that she personally always knew roy cohn was gay, because she'd lived in san francisco and people from there "could always tell."

thanks mom for making my conception of the Eisenhower Era completely different from everybody else's...