April 30th, 2004

used to care

evv efferything

general comment not directed at anyone on my f(r)iends list, including people with lines through their names:

When people act like asses, for at least 99% of said people, I am not interested in why they are acting the way they are.
I am only interested in making them disappear.
john + yoko


I got a new watch from Dooney & Bourke. It's a lovely shade of Motrin and about three times as big as I thought it would be, which is fine with me. I loooooove Great Big Watches, ever since I used to inherit my dad's big old wristwatches in junior high and high school. I wore those till my mom got me a little ladies' watch for graduation, which was OK and I like it and I've worn it almost every day for 20 years but if I'd been picking I probably would have picked a big one, or just kept wearing dad's. (I still have dad's around here someplace and ought to find it. I'd like to wear it again. I think it needs a second hand fixed or something, so I can have the joy of going around to watch shops and having them tell me in snooty voices how they only work on Rolexes or whatever and then I will have the joy of restraining myself from punching them in the jaw.) I got a huge watch, even bigger than Dad's, for Christmas around 1988. I asked my mom to buy it for me out of a catalog and of course the first time I wore it out, the faceplate (it was plastic so I hesitate to call it a "crystal") fell off the front, because it was cheap. Back then it was harder to get cool stuff and when I did half the time it would break or not live up to expectations anyway. Anyway, I didn't know this D&B watch was going to be even bigger than that watch 'cause I bought it online sight unseen, just 'cause I was getting some bags anyway and it caught my eye, but I am thrilled with its bulk. It's like strapping a small clock to my wrist. If only it also ticked real, REAL loud, but it's quartz and doesn't say a word.