April 18th, 2004


in which i have a dream about home (again)

my favorite song this week is Dave Hollister's "Never Gonna Change." i heard it friday when i went downstairs to the firehook to get cappucino. besides having a great bread and pastry selection, the firehook is always playing great hiphop and R&B as opposed to Au Bon Pain in the Ass that mostly plays stupid middle-aged-yuppie-Norah Jones-crap jazz. (once in a while they play Sinatra and that's fine, of course.) mr. hollister had me practically bawling while i was shaking cocoa in the foam. i'm not one of those White People Trying To Be Black, it just reminded me of how you can love the place that made ya even while you're trying like hell to get out of it.
john + yoko

for business geeks only

This link to Sampo Taiwan's annual report has been going around whatsisname's workplace. (Sampo Taiwan appears to be some manufacturer of fridges and air conditioners.) I have read enough annual reports to know full well how hokey they often are, but I have to admit the 2002 report really does not translate well to English language and culture. Although it's poetic, I'll give it that.

this is for DC people only

I was googling on Ed Meese to try and remember exactly what it was he did that had all of us running around in those "Meese is a Pig" free speech shirts and buttons Way Back When, and I found this. I'm sure mileshedgehog and minniethemoocha will get some or all of these, I dunno abt the rest of you. it's freaking me out that I've been down here long enough to get most of them myself!


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