April 10th, 2004

john + yoko

a grand day out

i got ted to take me to the movies today at the refurbished AFI theatre in silver spring. (silver spring is in the process of being gentrified quite a lot. i hope it takes as it spent most of the 90's turning into a place where i was getting afraid to walk the streets.) the film i wanted to see started later than the advert said, so we killed some time at a new little cafe that served wine and eggplant fries. bought some republic of tea teas that are the new hip thang i guess, i see the cans everywhere. (incidentally, i bought a box of their white tea the other week but it tastes to me like boiled laundry juice. if anyone likes white tea and would like to swap me some other tea, or something else like a book or cd, for about 45 teabags of it, holler up yo.)

finally we saw the film, distance by kore-eda. it was very relaxing, with lots of trains and hiking and camping and conversation in nice rainy japanese forests. it looked like my dreams (trains and all) and i almost fell asleep a couple of times but not in a bad way. although the one scene where the wife throws her husband out and cries on the hallway floor because he's become impossible to deal with from being in a cult kinda hit a little close to home.

i'm trying to work movies back into my life the way they used to be. we used to go see indie-type films fairly often, but as of the last few years i've only been going once or twice a year because it's been hard to find the time and concentration to enjoy the cinema. (also, the repertory and foreign film showplaces here are literally all over the map in like 5 different cities, and show films at many weird times, like on weeknights, and it gets hard to follow all that.) i like seeing movies in theatres if they're not superpopular, superhyped or supercrowded. actually, i like feeling movies. the same way i feel art shows. a little analysis is OK but i often disagree with the written reviews, and i don't like overanalysis when i'm trying to feel something. one of my problems with film as a medium is that it tends to attract people who are either incredibly stupid and only interested in seeing the overhyped blockbusters, or people who are incredibly "erudite" in their own minds and incapable of just watching and enjoying being drawn into a movie without shoving a ten-paragraph review fraught with film references ("see how much I know!") down my throat...and then getting all hyper when i disagree with it because i think it is stupid and they are boring twits with ego issues.


we came home then and i received a nice fone call, took a nice nap and had a nice glass of wine. i almost always have fun going places with ted during the day (he doesn't like to be out late at nite usually) and i do most of my going out down here with him because other ppl i've tried to arrange things with down here have proved to be very unreliable, and with my work sked, i just don't have time for that. plus it hurts my feelings when i bother to make plans and people cancel on me at the last minute for no good reason. maybe tomorrow we'll go to the art museum if it's open, 'cause there wasn't time to get all the way downtown today. anyway, thank you God for a really nice day today.
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