April 8th, 2004


wonderland, deceased

wow that super blue spring sky is back. was admiring it over the hecht's bldg out the senior partner's window during a conference call today (everything looks better out the senior partner's window).
ah shore do luv the citay, some days i just want to give it a big hug. gin blossoms and all.
remembering mrs. simpson's and eggs benedict and all the azaleas and snowballs. man that was a lot of easters ago already. and there sure is a whopping big easter egg of a moon out this week too.
i always think eggs benedict and capers are what you're supposed to eat here. probably because i read a fiction book once where young republican lawyers' wives were having other young lawyers and their wives over for eggs benedict. (um, it's much easier to have eggs benedict at a nice little restaurant and not have other lawyers over to your house at all ;) and they have capers at the hay-adams sunday brunch, which is also a good place to watch senators eat, if you're into that. (i enjoy that sometimes but really, seen one senator you've seen 'em all, especially if the one you see is a kennedy.)
you know why i always liked georgetown? only partly bcuz of the kennedys and not bcuz of my 'rents at all, g-town was a complete garbage dump in their pre-camelot days and they never went there. i loved it bcuz the cobblestone streets and the trees looked like belle av. back home and so it was one of the only places i didn't feel homesick when i first moved. belle av. was finally paved sometime during the last few years, stupid philistines who lived there bitched too much about their cars bouncing around. it's totally ugly now. i'm sure the city will eventually put it all back to cobblestones some decade, when the historic preservationists prevail and make all the boring tasteless prefab worker bee people move somewhere else. at least i still have georgetown.

The Politics of Catland.

ever since tux died, jasper's been coming up to me and whatsisname every morning for lots and lots of pets. jasper is a gorgeous big solid black fluffy guy with huge paws and the world's loudest purr and you just want to hug him like a teddy cat, but he's never even let me get close, much less hug him. when he was a young cat he let my mom hug and pet and cuddle him all the time. but when she stuck me with him and three other cats from his family, none of whom i terribly wanted although i tried to be nice to them all (i love my cats but i don't usually gush over them, it's undignified), he and his sister fluffy hid under a living room chair for over a year, all day, every day. fluffy was stick-thin and worn out from dropping a big litter, and they both obviously missed my mom and were freaked about living in a brand new place with three strange cats who'd already been there awhile and were used to the status quo.

eventually fluffy and jasper came out from under the chair, little by little. fluffy (who gradually morphed over many years into a big fat calm watchful kitty who enjoys sleeping in warm places) got a bit friendly over time. but jasper never did. he hangs out with the catz from his family, and they hug and rassle, and he eventually made friends with my big ol' boy babe and they rassle too. he seemed to get along OK with tux. they didn't hang out but they didn't fight either. he never did hit it off with tabbitha because she's the Kitty Queen and he doesn't pay her enuf respeck so she yowls and smacks him on the head. i figured he didn't like me because i have always been tabbitha's human and she's my kitty alter ego - we have similar personalities, except she's clearly gemini through and through. and also because i tried to cut the tangles out of his hair once, many, many years ago, and he carried on like i was murdering him with the scissors and i don't think he ever forgave or forgot. (i have the same Issues with oversensitive catz that i do with oversensitive ppl. tabbitha is my favorite cat partly because she generally forgets kitty trauma in about five minutes. she's been tough that way ever since she was a tiny kitten. )

bottom line, i've had jasper for about 9 years now and he's never been the least bit friendly to me. hissed at me every time i walked into the room, for absolutely no reason - i didn't yell at him, i didn't hit him, i didn't even LOOK at him. he would come up to whatsisname sometimes for a pet. but not to me, almost never. maybe once or twice, when i was petting the other cats, and he'd want a pet and it was like he forgot who i was, and then when he remembered he'd get this freaky look on his face and back off.

but this week, he wants a pet every day. even from me! i dunno whether he was waiting for tux to die and open up a spot for him? maybe there was bad blood between them and i just didn't know. maybe they talked shit to each other in private. maybe it was a turf-respectin' thang. or is it so traumatic to watch one of the other cats pass over that it requires extra pets?

there are a lot of minuses to having so many cats, but one plus is watching them interact. they make friends and enemies, have cliques and negotiations and stuff to work out just like people. sometimes when somebody is really farking getting on my very last nerve i can stop myself from ripping them a new a-hole by picturing them as a cat. and thinking how i'd treat them then. probably i'd first yell, then i'd sit down and quietly say, ah well, you can't help what kind of cat you are, it's the way you are, that's how you act, you can't help it (unless it's something egregiously bad like ripping up the garbage and you KNOW you're being bad and that's why you only do it behind my back and you need to friggin' stop). and then i'd pretty much leave them alone till they felt like acting friendly to me. or if they never felt that way they could hide under the chair forever. i don't care.
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