March 31st, 2004

reddy kilowatt

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dere liveurinal:

if we can put men on the moon, why can't somebody invent a cellfone that allows me to make long distance calls from metro center without getting cut off every three minutes? (sorry, nik.) i bet we put more money into regulating the damn cellys than we do getting them to operate. i bet there are countries with economies less developed than gwyneth paltrow's chest that have better cell fone service than we do.

(answer: anglo-american elitism blahblah xenophobia blahblahblah monopoly blah)

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look, it's baseball

and to think i was just wondering yesterday whatever happened to randy johnson. damn, it was interesting to see somebody that physically large pitch a baseball. just sorry i never got a chance in person esp the year they almost made it to the series, but didn't get there so i had to watch cleveland play atlanta instead.
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Spent today at an ABA event, which meant I got to eat a lot of fancy pastries, bandy around terms like "Sarbanes-Oxley Act" like I actually have a clue about them (actually no one has a clue about the Sarbanes-Oxley Act at this point, probably not even Senator Sourbrains, I mean Sarbanes, himself) (btw I voted for him, so I'm allowed to call him that), and feel guilty for not billing hours.

The fact that cell fones don't work in the Reagan Building seems vaguely appropriate considering how deaf Reagan was. Except the fones do work in the big glass-topped atrium, so at breaks you get dozens of suits pacing around the atrium with their lil' fones. Zounds. I caught one Luddite actually using the pay fone by the restrooms.

I also found this amusing, especially since it was based on someone's actual trial exhibit:

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