March 29th, 2004

turbo stomach

dye, you Grey hounds of love, dye already

someday i'm gonna have to meet someone else who lives within a bus ride of here and treats me nice, so i can stop retching from bad memories every time the train passes the bus terminal.

that and the bad pizza for lunch. i swear that was the last piece of pizza i'm even going to look at for a damn long time. they don't make it anymore like anna's did before it was players when my folks took me there with my little matchbook doll in my pocket and i'd beg mom for quarters to play freebird on the jukebox and well i think you get my point.

(and babe, just because tux is dead doesn't mean i'm going to let you lick the knee of my dry-clean-only silk pants, in addition to hairing on them, even though you may think you're helpfully removing a pizza stain... )
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