March 14th, 2004

Pingouin a Paris

a sex post for sunday

alot of people use their journals to post these long sexual fantasies and musings and stuff like that. *shrug* which is fine i guess, i just don't add them or read them because i find that stuff incredibly boring. when I was in my early 20s i read penthouse letters, fooled around with handcuffs and all kinds of other stuff, just to see. i found out that really, the thing i want most is the thing i wanted most in my teens, and wanted most since i was about 23 or 24. which is just to have somebody hug me a lot and know that they really do love me and will be there for me. don't want dirty talk or bondage or spanking or hair pulling. just dumb ol' vanilla love. yeah, i'm dull but it's better to be honest about it than run around trying to be something you're not just to fit in with everybody else.
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Help me identify a children's book.

Can somebody, most likely somebody from Great Britain, help me identify a children's book? I thought the author was C.S. Lewis and the book was titled "Mr. Little" or "Mr. Small" or Mr. something. If the author isn't Lewis, it's probably one of his contemporaries. The book was written for the author's kids back in the early part of the 20th century and was only published at large within the last 10 or 20 years. I think it might include a new motorcar and a giraffe? (I could be wrong about the giraffe.) Searches on Lewis and on "Mr. Small" etc. are bringing up too much of the wrong thing for me.

Oddly enough I never read any C.S. Lewis. Not into all that fantasy stuff with lions and princes symbolizing the Church or whatever. It would probably help if I could somehow find the time to read up on all those British authors who converted to Catholicism. I tried reading Graham Greene's biography once but didn't get very far, and frankly the conversion parts made me shudder oddly. Must give it another shot. I'll pencil that in for 2006 or so.

Edited to say, I figured it out. It's by, of all people, Tolkien, and it's this:

If he'd written more of that sort of thing, I would have been a fan.
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john + yoko

musings while i wait for whatsisname to hurry up and go buy more clorox

'cause you can't wash cat and meese p00p out of towels and linens without it.

i am sitting here for a minute thinking of the strange ways i found various livejournal ppl. i did find a number of you in rather normal ways via a community or friendsfriends, but some of you turned up in a more unusual fashion.

i met lyeta because livejournal was broke for a few days in 2001 so i went over to deadjournal and there she was, keeping an amusing diary on satan.

i met slim_hazard because he found a death of samantha album in a bargain bin and posted about it on That List, then he started e-mailing me weird stories and i thought he was pulling my chain.

i met waxpumpkin because i was reading a biography of john lee hooker on top of the video game console at the green room and knavishas wanted to play it and asked me to move, so i ended up talking to waxpumpkin but i got the two of them confused, so for about a year i thought he was actually knavishas and versa vice.

i met idioticpoet because he used to have another name on LJ which was almost exactly the same as one of my best friends, so between that and him listing magazine as an interest i figured he had a good chance of being cool.

i met nickyhopkins because i interviewed the real nicky hopkins once. he mostly talked about scientology. i think he's dead now.

there are several other people i met in rather interesting fashion but the interesting parts are classified and besides i think i hear the clorox being arrived.