March 12th, 2004


don't color outside the lines

On top of John McGeoch, now Dave Blood from the Dead Milkmen has killed himself. I don't normally get all eggzcited about Ded Pub(l)ic Figures, but geezy peasy Dom Deluisey, I liked the Dead Milkmen. I mean, who didn't? I'm typing this sitting under a flyer of theirs that I got off Jim Clevo, advertising their Thanksgiving show at the Phantasy Theatre, opened by Witch Hunters and Death of Sam, that I was actually at. Whatsisname still sings "Punk Rock Girl" to me sometimes. (It's one of exactly two "punk", more like "punque" if you ask me, songs he knows. The other is by Green Day, yick.)

I read on the official site that the guy's mom had died recently, and I know, clear as rain, that when someone you love dies it seems quite logical and natural to immediately think of running after them. But it's still sad, and from where I sit right now, firmly in the Rational Chair, it also seems kinda dumb.


nothing like getting to work late because your achy breaky leg is hurting agayne, and finding that your giant database project has vanished, yes VANISHED from the computer network overnight (!) and when you are done having a heart attack, discovering that the new paralegal (who you didn't even know existed) moved all your stuff to another server and in the process broke all the image path links for your document scans, which you have to figure out how to fix by poking around in the menus, the help files being, as always, indecipherable and useless. and then, when you're finally on the train home attempting to peacefully read about British expat lesbian authors of the 30's, being surrounded by by three loud army guys drinking giant cans of Bud and yakking about monster movies. "How'd they ever get King Kong's body outta the street? Butchers man! He probably fed 20,000 people! Hyuk hyuk hyuk!... Hey did you know Godzilla was Japan's way of dealing with the atomic bomb? It's true!... And then this GIANT TURTLE spins around and spreads its wings..."


I was going to add that fish on Friday ain't much of a sacrifice when it's sweet eel, but in view of everything else hopefully the Big J will cut me some slack.

The other night I dreamed I was walking around a country fair and out of a little tiny hole in the grass hopped a tiny brown bunny, the size of a mouse but with little baby bunny ears and a cottontail, and it had fuzzy brown wings. And everybody was pointing and going, "ooooh! look! a winged bunny! amazing!" and jimmyether took a picture of it. I'm not sure whether the wings were attached to the bunny or whether a big fuzzy brown fluttery moth had happened to land on the bunny's back so it just looked like it had wings, but it was neat anyway. No Mom, I'm not on drugs.
john + yoko

Poor Gary. Poor Gary.

Do not forsake me oh my darlin',
On this our wedding day,
Do not forsake me O my darlin',
Wait, wait along.

The noonday train will bring Frank Miller.
If I'm a man, I must be brave
And I must face that deadly killer
Or lie a coward, a craven coward,
Or lie a coward in my grave.

O to be torn 'twixt love and duty,
S'posin' I lose my fair-haired beauty,
Look at that big hand move along,
Nearin' High Noon.
He made a vow while in state prison
Vow'd it would be my life or his 'n
I'm not afraid of death, but oh,
What will I do, if you leave me?

Do not forsake me oh my darlin',
You made that promise when we wed,
Do not forsake me oh my darlin',
Although you're grievin', I can't be leavin'
Until I shoot Frank Miller dead.

Wait along, wait along
Wait along
Wait along