March 1st, 2004

used to care

in which i wax creative about foreign policy

After some thought, I have devised the perfect solution for Haiti and all those other go-nowhere little countries that like to actually have a revolution instead of just singing along with John Lennon about it. The UN could make up an initial list of, say, the five most unstable, turnover-prone-and-we-don't-mean-apple, countries. Then when some little dump, Haiti for example, gets tired of its dictator, it simply sends him or her to the top country on the list, and adds itself and five of its nearest neighbors to the bottom of the list. Within a month (if nobody breaks the chain by becoming a stable democracy, getting nuked back to the Stone Age or anything stupid like that) Haiti will receive 100 new dictators from all over the world and one of them is bound to work out. or else they could just have a Dictator Death Match, Winner Takes the Country, videotape the event, sell it to American pay-per-view (it would help if wrestling was involved), and probably boost the country's GNP enough to host the next World Bank meeting.

OK, I'm going to bed now. If you have any more knotty diplomacy problems for me to solve, save 'em till morning.
gay bar doggie

A! R-T! H-O! L-E! A! R-T! H-O! L-E! (apologies to Dennis Leary)

not feeling too chatty this week for various reasons

so instead here's a post about Ars et Musica, or Musical Arses, or something...

for the upcoming issue of Ella Guru zine (a waxpumpkin production), I interviewed poorsalparadise better known as Thomas O. Huber. here is a pithy preview:

me: you're not into the wandering troubadour folk club trip then
Tom: i dont think thats really my audience
me: Who do you think is your audience?
Tom: i dont think i have an audience yet
Tom: but maybe the ageing hillbilly punk
me: they're probably out there, just hidden under rocks
me: like little ant larvae.
Tom: hiding under rocks is a great concept

tom was certainly more fun to interview than paul westerberg was.

moving on to thee Visual Cultural Explosion, i have to go get whatsisname to screw some hangy-dangy hardware thingies into the frame of tosei's (aka Colin Newman's and yes that's apparently his real name) painting Disappointo! so I can hang it over my laser printer. I must say the painting looks much better in person than it did online, not that it looked bad online but the scan lost a good deal of depth and subtle shading. after I get that one up, it will be time to frame the mermaid watercolour I got from outlaw_jesus awhile back and find a good place to hang It.

LJ is a good place to discover cool art, not counting those fantasy-and-furry-sketches that seem to infiltrate every art community eventually and that I personally don't care for. i like having art i like around and having some of it Not be by me. it's weird how some ppl, even some artists (although no artists I've met on LJ thus far) get all down-looky on ppl who buy art as being somehow below ppl who Make art. setting aside the obvious fact that many who Buy also Make, and many who Make don't Show because they don't feel like it (Never Assume), I think it's silly when ppl attach their own baggage to someone else's enjoyment, assuming that said art is bought at least partially or even wholly to be enjoyed and not solely as an "investment", tax shelter, etc. i'm not robert fraser, i couldn't care less if the stuff is worth five cents or five grand if i like it. i daresay i get the same glee out of the folk art painting of a cat that i bought on eBay for 8 bucks as i do out of $2500 pieces. so shoot me.
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