February 25th, 2004


corrie ten boom

"ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"
god forgive you, i cannot.
and god forgave, and You went home happy,
and I went home and kicked the wall.
a sick chalk aftertaste, to you it mattered little,
as little as i mattered when You did what You did.
And what of God? Where was He then,
when I cringed naked with my sister whom you killed,
the part of Me you killed. perhaps
that was the part that could have done it,
forgiven You for Good,
that fluffy Easter chick chirping "Love is All,"
and you laughed
and stomped it flat with your jackboot.
So, was that a laugh or a grimace?
It's hard to remember so long ago,
my senses so foggy. I was so hungry.
And I have to forgive so I can clean out this drawer,
and not look at this black pearl tear anymore,
I suppose God would say to throw it away.
but sometimes in the right light
it glistens,
sometimes in its shiny face i see my dead love
and the ghost of a dead me.
So I keep it for a souvenir,
and hide it under my sagging breast,
a hard cold reminder of my humanness.
Like a pebble in my shoe.
But You don't have to worry.
God forgave You.
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    this was lying around, seemed like the right day


randy aka nickyhopkins is off being wonderful and probably having tea with philip roth or something, so i shall post this and thank him kindly for inspiring the concept...anyone who actually feels like doing this besides me can help themselves to the banner...

Q. "Gosh, that sounds like fun! But...I love all my little LJ friends too much to drop them. Does that mean I can't play?"

A. "Hell no! Just add a bunch of random strangers, preferably those with journals that read like 'OMG I WENT 2 THA MALL IZE SOOOO L33T!' and before the day is out, DROP THEM flat on their cans!!"
poppin hoppie

this is great!!

cabinet_obscura posted this link to all of Nancy Sinatra's songs on the web! Yay!

Guess who was a big fan at age 5? *points at self* Although I couldn't understand why it was stupid to say "I Love You" in "Something Stupid". I remember my mom futilely trying to explain it to me, while sprinkling Daddy's shirts with a Lowenbrau bottle that had a sprinkly top corked into it. (Before you ironed men's shirts, you would sprinkle them with water and then roll them up and put them in the crisper of the fridge for a day. I have no idea why - maybe there was starch in the water. Polyester wasn't invented then and my mom hated ironing shirts about as much as she hated cooking dinner. But that Lowenbrau sprinkly thang was pretty cool.)
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