February 20th, 2004

sex happens

feta(l) cheeze

the bad news is, i didn't win that auction for 50 pink plastic fetus models.
the good news is, the seller must have a warehouse fulla those things, 'cause he made me a second chance offer. CHEAP FETI, YAY.
i'm gonna put them in a big jar, and set it on top of my 'puter. i'll look at them...and they'll look at me...for a coupla years, and then we'll see.
after all i've had SO much practice being a mother. you can interpret that a coupla ways, heh, and that's just the way I like it.
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please die

i don't ask for much in this life

but it seems like whatever i DO ask for, taco hell is likely to eff it up. last night i actually drove there to get my own damn tacos at 11 p.m., something i NEVER do, but i was hungry and...they closed early! just to annoy me! so tonite, whatsisname went and ordered my three hard shelled deluxe tacos and they gave him three soft and forgot the fries that he also ordered, and for whatever reason he didn't check the bag before leaving >-< ALWAYS CHECK THE BAG!! i wanted to drive back down there and throw these disgusting limp soft white things at the counter help and smear them all over the drive-through window, but i'm too tired.
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    disgusted by inferior tacoage