February 19th, 2004


i'm an evile mowsie swayer

i still feel bad about that mouse we offed last weekend. i haven't felt this bad since i killed one ten years ago with poison bait and a glue trap after it massively crapped up all the kitchen cupboards. i have to admit the spring trap beats the glue trap, because when i threw the last one out all mired in the glue it was still alive and weakly struggling to get away. ewww. this one was definitely ded and when i saw its ded wittle wegs sticking out from under the overturned trap, i didn't want to get any closer. so ted took care of throwing the body out, and he told me it was a "very clean little mouse" with a nice well-groomed coat and it was a female. and all i could think was this little mouse lady getting all cleaned up to go forage for food and OH SNAP! i know i had to get rid of her before she had little mouseketeers under my floorboards but still...and it was something else to have such a bold mouse who'd come out with all the lights on. maybe she'd been living with us for a while and just popping out in different parts of thee house. maybe in addition to leaving the poops in the kitchen she's also the one who left them in my bed and on the clothes hanging in my closet and on the table and on the couch and a few other places. but still... why don't they have hav-a-heart traps for mice? i could have taken her up the street to the woods and let her go. but given that it's been 30 degrees out and there's hungry cats and hawks around, maybe it was better this way. she died all happy with a mouthful of peanut butter. damn. i need to get a new cuddly hamster or something.
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sears and sawbuck

where did all the time go?
took me years to figure out
kitchens came in more colors than orange glo
fake brown veneer and avoCado
rugs weren't All golden shag, and clocks
weren't all ugly stars...could be sushi. or rocks.
and even the houses made for dolls
didn't all have the furniture stamped on the walls,
cheap trix didn't fool me,
I thought in 3-d.
and now we can hopscotch through timeless pastels
laced up with neon
who cares what sells?
you don't have to act old
Or do what you're told
don't ask me Where?
you arrive when
you're already there

more admin

Been thinking about massively cutting my f(r)iends list because there are about 15 people who rarely/ never post or comment anymore and about 30 other journals that are people's second journals, communities etc. that are rarely used nowadays. I compromised and made two filtered groups: one for the people who post/comment/respond regularly and a second for people/ journals that don't.

I understand that people get bored with forums after a while and that we all have lives outside the PC but because this is one of the main ways I talk to people (due to my schedule and the fact that the comment-answer format is a more fun and comfortable way of talking for me than, say, a fone call, unless/until I get to know somebody well) I'd like to focus my attention on people who are around more and who talk to me, and kind of sort out who those people are in my mind. i've been gradually ditching journals of people who don't appeal to me anymore or who are barely on here. i might do some more of that on a gradual basis and the groups will help me organize that, as well as help me follow some blogs that i like to read/follow even though i don't talk to the blogkeeper or they don't post much.