February 10th, 2004


and in international news tonight, robert palmer is still dead.

Heyla cool kits and kats! I felt sick today and almost called off work but I'm in the middle of something and didn't want to waste a day when the weather was actually warm (!) (Not to mention that it was Chicken Pot Pie nite at the firm cafeteria and the stuff is actually reasonably low fat and good.) So off I went, but I'm tired as hell now. If I didn't answer your comment or haven't commented on your LJ in a while I'm not ignoring you, I have a bunch of schtuff I want to comment on but right now I need to sleep.

I got my mom a Bush-in-the-box for V-Day. (Does that sound like a sex aid or what?) It's also partly for Xmas because I was planning to get it for her then, but was too tired/disorganized to make it happen. Luckily the store had one left. Mom loves political and Washington everything as she used to live here and work for various government branches and campaigns, but she's also more Democratic than the entire Kennedy clan, so I imagine she'll have the most gleeful fun shoving Dubya into his hole and slamming the lid on him.

I also have valentines for other people. These are the ones I got last year and didn't send because I was feeling all unloved and shite. I'm over that now, but I have to get some sleep so I can get up early and start wrapping and addressing things, including more late Xmas things. I must say I prefer having Xmas in February. The pace is so much more relaxed.
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