February 9th, 2004

john + yoko

In which I am puzzled

Half of Creedence Clearwater Revival's songs sound really cool.
And half sound really boring.
Now, how can that be, given that All their songs sound alike and use the same 4 chords?
john + yoko


I watched that movie about the Tuskegee Airmen yesterday while I was cleaning. I'd seen about half of it before, but there are about four crash deaths in it, the second one being a suicide, and last time I got too depressed after the second one and turned it off. This time I watched all the way to the end. Man those guys were TOUGH. To think of the abuse they had to take all day due to their race, and they couldn't object at all because they would have been at best court-martialed or at worst lynched on the spot. So they just had to put up with it and every day still get up and concentrate and fly those planes, and not kill themselves or get killed, and live up to a higher standard and not make any mistakes because everybody would say well that just proves they're too stupid. Those guys, the ones who survived the training anyway, must have been INCREDIBLY strong. I feel ashamed for even thinking I have problems compared to that. I'm pretty tough myself but I resolve to be even more so, and whenever anybody puts me down I'm gonna think of those guys and ignore it and laugh even more than I already do, because first of all I know I rock, and second of all enough other good people think so that I don't have to waste time listening to naysaying dickweeds talking out of their ass. Because anybody who has to put somebody else down to bring themself up is a really, REALLY sad sack of shit. The end.
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I was just reading lyeta's comments to me from the other day regarding Oprah and suddenly it occurred to me that Oprah's son would be...Opie! I mean, we never see Opie's mom, do we? It could be!