February 8th, 2004


The solution.

Yesterday I posted about not liking to listen to long-winded wimmentalk. Later, I discovered nickyhopkins has had the answer to handling this situation all along, and recently published it in his very cool "Lost in Front" 'zine. Here it is.

I personally think #5 would be particularly entertaining and keep up my public image quite well! (I would have also said #10, as long as I can play Steely Dan in the background during, but as it's too close to what actually happened at one of my alma nutters last year, I'm afraid someone would take me seriously and be Less Than Amused.)
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Pingouin a Paris

Keep It In the Family.

I like to read the last chapters of books first, and I like spoilers. Once I know what's going to happen I can kick back and enjoy the trip, that is IF I still want to go. Lately I have been feeling like I know where certain trips (mine and other people's) are going to end up, which happens Sometimes (not always) and makes me slightly uncomfortable though I'm glad for the extra guidance. (Cf. my previous post regarding not knowing how relations with people are going to turn out. Sometimes I get a little help. ) I am always afraid that my personal biases are colouring the outcome, despite the fact that in at least one recent case the perceived outcome (which indeed became the Real outcome) went in the absolutely opposite direction from where I would have liked it. Ah well, Things Happen the way they're going to Happen, the way they're meant to Happen, and so We Shall See.
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I potted up some plant cuttings yesterday. They've been growing in jars for a while because I haven't had it together to stick them into the pots of dirt left over from the plants that died while I was running hither and yon for five years tending to Other Matters. My big aloe and a couple of cacti survived, everything else expired. I have to be honest and say I don't miss most of the dead ones. Several of them were given to me by people who were moving, etc. so they weren't my choice in plantage and also, I just plain had too dern many and I'm not the type who can throw them out with a clear conscience. My dad's mom was once given a plant she didn't like and didn't feel she could just throw it out either, so she put it close to the edge of a table that shook every time a train went by five or six times a day, and she'd also bump the table every time she passed it, and finally it fell on the floor and broke so she could get rid of it in peace. But I didn't even go that far, didn't neglect them on purpose, it just sorta ... happened while I was busy with Other Things.

A fresh start is good sometimes, anyway. I plan to replace my red and green shamrocks (oxalis) tout de suite, and then we'll see what else.

I love messing with plants and would adore working in a greenhouse or having a little greenhouse of my own someday. Don't feel like this neighborhood is safe enough to have one in the yard, though, so I will be content messing dirt around in a pot with a big spoon in the kitchen sink like I've done since I was little, and going to botanic gardens for the Greenhouse Effect. I looooove the smell of peat moss in the morning. Probably because my ancestors grew up in some Irish bog.