February 7th, 2004


this f'in burrito is leaking

It's nice to see several of my cool friends getting on so well with each other. Homegrown Global Scene, yay. And we don't even have to feel obligated to do the face-to-face bitch-over-coffee thang. Coffee=OK to Good. Bitching = Boring, boring, boring Sid. Sid Bitchious.

* * *

Living with someone who does comic Hitler imitations in the car is almost worth putting up with the farce that constitutes U.S. legal marriage.

* * *

nickyhopkins, also known as Manager of the Korean Bikini Team, came up with the swell idea of rechristening Ash Wednesday as "LJ Sin-Free Drop Day", when people can dump unwanted LJ's off their f(r)iends list sans explanation or guilt. Amusing sidenote: After my post the other day inviting people to drop, not only did no one leave, but somebody added me. I bet if I made a post begging people to add my journal, people would start dropping in droves.

* * *

In music-related news, thee galvanizing force of nature that is inushnu suggested I give John Frusciante another try. Now that's a damn good idea, seeing as how I recently made amends with the Monkees. "Father forgive their fans, they pretend to know not what they do."

* * *

Somebody posted about how happy they were a year and a half ago as opposed to now. Well, a year and a half ago, I was like Cecily's hamster who whispered, "help me I am in hell". I guess as Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote, the wheel goes round and round and the fly on the bottom'll be the fly on the top after awhile, and vice versa, except for the flies who land in the sherbert. hey once I saw a fly slip on a cube of Jello and land flat on its back in some whipped cream. truly a chevy chase among flies. cool :P
sqrrl drink drunk

hey punks, especially old skool punx

evilshell is working with a Russian punk band. they're pretty dern good especially if you remember how punk sounded around late 80's/ early 90's. (If you know me you know I mean that as a compliment, besides it's all coming back now.)

so go over here and listen to a few cuts and maybe give her some encouraging words if you have the time.
garlic dance


I don't like when people are overly serious and don't seem to "get" where I'm coming from with this journal. (falls in the same category as the occasional person who thinks I'm into Satanism or occult stuff based on my layout, or the ones who think punks are all going to hell.) But I guess they aren't My kind of people anyway, so no big loss.

Generally, I'm not into people being overly serious, overly reverent, overly emotional, overly obvious, overly sensitive, or overly much of anything, except maybe overly intelligent.
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