February 3rd, 2004


this is for clay, who had a bad day

Lunchbox design from 1960, featuring HOT DOG SPACE SHIPS!!
this design was only out for a couple of years before they started putting real Apollo space ship designs on the lunchboxen, and ruined everybody's imagination, thus driving an entire generation to take massive drugs in hopes of once again finding that HOT DOG MAGIC of childhood...

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Pingouin a Paris

ricin pudding

I HATE when I know EXACTLY what I want for my new AIM handle and it turns out to be TWO CHARACTERS TOO LONG!!! >.< grrr.

We got no mail at work today because of the ricin. What kind of a poopoohead mails ricin in an envelope? That's not how you're supposed to do it! Poopoohead has no class and doesn't read the right spy books, obviously. You're supposed to smear the ricin on the sharp tip of your proper black umbrella, then surreptitiously and fatally poke your enemy counterspy as you pass him in a crowd on the street...then mingle back unnoticed into the dusky London fog and be back at your flat in time for cocktails. hmmmm....yes, I Do need a new brolly *snickers*
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now that's dedication.

Found this post by stoodent77 via the23's f(r)iends list. Thought a few of you record phreex, especially waxpumpkin and derekfz, might find it entertaining. The New York Times story mentioned in the post is really interesting, although you'll have to (ugh) register to read it. I thought about just ganking the text in the name of fair use, but it's got some cool pictures with it. So just make up all fake info, I do!

Mingering Mike's "Record Collection"
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