February 1st, 2004

Pingouin a Paris


if anything could make me love piano agayne,it would have to be Harold Pig

Such simple/ foggily beautiful 2 am music, even when it's really only 8 pm
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Festival of Death

Been reading quite a few entries on blog_of_death lately. not in a morbid way, but lots of interesting people pop up on there who provide food for thought, esp given that death has been much on my mind this past year or so.

Earlier this week I read on there that one Judge Claiborne, described as "the first federal judge to be sent to prison" had shot himself. So I immediately thought, "Man, what a loser! I'm sure glad I didn't clerk for him."

Today I got curious and decided to look up his obituary here, and it appears I was (excuse the expression) DEAD wrong. I misjudged the judge, who seems to have been anything BUT a loser despite getting sent to prison. (And having four wives!)

RIP Judge Claiborne. I wish I'd had a chance to clerk for you.
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Having a wild weekend

I feel grrrrrrreat the last two days because I've been getting LOTS OF SLEEP. Glad it's StuporBowl Sunday, that will keep whatsisname out of my hair. Today I plan to clean house and eat a bunch of mozzarella sticks. *happy dance*
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