January 28th, 2004

smiley by joe


(standard disclaimer: the following is a general statement and not referring to any specific person(s) or situations or recent events in or around my life, etc.)

getting recognized for being Good at Something You Do is a double-edged sword. because whatever it is, and it could be anything from drawing pictures to baking cakes to writing kickass software, you run the risk of it becoming more about the Recognition than the Actual Doing. On the one hand, I like seeing people get rewarded for doing something well; on the other hand, I hate walking into minefields of organized buttkissing. And, some people do change when they start getting a little bit known. They become less accepting of honest criticism - after all, why put up with a critical old friend when you can get 50 new friends who will tell you everything you do is The Greatest? - and more dependent on getting strokes. In the end everybody has to come full circle with this and realize that Doing whatever it is is the most important thing, not getting a medal for it and not using it as some kind of a club to beat other people with ("I'm more famous than you!" "I can do this really well and YOU CAN'T! NYAH NYAH!" etc.). unfortunately a lot of people don't seem to make it all the way around the circle and get stuck in some arc of ego gratification.

I love people who just do what they do and don't make a big deal about it. I love people who write or make art or do whatever without having to get up on a soapbox and go HEY LOOKY ME I'M DOING MY THING L00K. I always want to meet the quiet person folding napkin origami in the corner, while everybody else is running after whoever's up on the stage. some of the ppl I've met on here make me smile like that because they're kind of hidden like that. I can keep them like a secret.