January 16th, 2004

smiley by joe

Paging Bob Altman

I was just typing "Welcome to LJ" to someone and realized that sounded just like "Welcome to LA" which is one of my favorite movies of all time (falls in the "so utterly ridiculous it's cool" bin). If you've seen it, you'll understand when I say, actually I think LJ would lend itself to much the same kind of film.
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john + yoko

just like a video game

Ted spent part of last night watching the little movie below, and showing it to me because we've both worked on night vision stuff, et cetera.

Please note the following:
- This is not work safe because the operator swears a few times, among other things.
- This film shows flying pieces of bodies, although they're in black and white (The blood shows up white because that's how infrared works) and consequently not as gory as your average fake horror movie.
- War and death being the controversial things they are, I will refrain from making pithy comments, except to note that Ted is now wandering around the upstairs quoting lines from the video at our cats.

Helicopter Kills