January 11th, 2004

no melodrama

Some people don't seem to get it.

As indicated in the above disclaimer, I do not have time in my life or room on this journal for angry people or drama of any kind. I do not appreciate people bringing it here, whatever their intentions. When they do, it is deleted, unread.
garlic dance

happy happy joy joy

I love when I find what appears to be a code bug in LJ styles and then, while I'm still tweaking around trying to fix it on my end (as I've been known to use bad tags), some code god fixes it and it goes byebye on its own. So glad to know someone's ON THE JOB!! Whoohoo!
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Law: still the best value for your entertainment dollar.

This was one of those days when I wokeup feeling kinda blerch, so i decided to cheer myself up by reading the ABA Journal. This month's issue contains - in addition to Emo Larry Lessig crying in his beer about losing Eldred (Sorry Larry, Sonny Bono and Mickey Mouse are still bigger celebrities than you) - a legal analysis of The Whizzinator (I won't try to describe it, just go look).

Plus, some guy who won on Wheel of Fortune is suing Pat Sajak for a million bucks claiming that in celebration of the win, Pat jumped into his arms, causing him to rupture a disc.
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