January 5th, 2004

sex happens

baby, i'm bored

hmmmm i think i'll steal one of ben's photos...and some of joe's bandwidth

wait till the owl finds out what you've been up to, pussycat. no more honey or money or sailing trips in beautiful pea-green boats for YOU, babez!
party monkey

"Mrs. Fluffy, are you free?"

Speaking of cats...rather than watch TV, I prefer to sit around imagining my cats acting out episodes of "Are You Being Served?" I'd imagine them doing "EastEnders" too, but they just couldn't get a grip on those accents.

Cats, Sex, The Law, and YOU.

I dug out this ol' thing I wrote a few years ago, when I was at lawya skewel, because lemonmerchant expressed some weird desire to read it. I used to write a regular column for the Georgetown Law Weekly and this was about my last gasp of humorifficity before I fried my brain and spent my final year sitting around the newspaper office immobile with a shawl over my face. I think this piece is actually copyright (c) 2000 by the Law Weekly, all rights reserved, all wrongs weversed, so if you're planning to rip me off, don't make it this post or you'll probably get your ass sued.

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Dedication's playing just for yoooouuu...

That last set of cat posts goes out to whichever one of my furry feline friends left a nice big steaming pile of diarrhea in the middle of the floor for me to slip on at 6:30 am this morning in the dark. I swear I'm going to chloroform the little bastids one day, I am.