November 14th, 2001



I was just forced to listen to Lennon's recording of "Jealous Guy" in the Rite-Aid where I was picking out dental floss and [unmentionable] related to [unmentionable].
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    when the minutes drag

look for the silver lining

I am officially watching TCM again. wow! they're showing the same old movies as they were when i kind of got out of the habit of watching a year and a half ago. amazing! and they're still just as good too!!

* * *

Lorna Fuseli (Barbara Stanwyck) to Eddie Moon (Joseph Calleia) in GOLDEN BOY (1939):
- Eddie: 'Is this your girl?'
- Lorna (contemptuously): 'I'm my mother's girl.'

hell yes.

this just in

I just dropped half a container of onion dip on Fluffy. I told her I didn't mean it but I don't think she believes me.
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