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Easy-E, why'n't you step up to the stand and tell the jury how you feel about this BULLSHIT.

I love this post by suckpump more than I've loved a post in quite some time.

Especially this line:
I'm sorry you are too moronic to understand the concept of "mutual respect".

I'd like to have that slapped on a greeting card and sent to about 25 people I know. For the main offender, I'd put it on the inside and have the front read, "I Forgive You, But You're Still A Fucked-Up Asshole."

I don't ask for much in this world but I have too much respect for myself to let others disrespect me ever again. I let someone, maybe a couple of someones, get away with it for far too long when I was young, and I shouldn't have. I have an extremely low tolerance for it now, from anyone.

In Feb., When Things Were Rotten (hey, wasn't that a TV show?), I read a book on female gangstas. One of the most renowned was a drug lord called Mama Sheik from Milwaukee, a charismatic leader who was eventually done in by a greedy member of her own family. (Ain't that always the way.) While I don't find a life of drugs and violence to be admirable, I appreciated Mama Sheik's reasons for becoming the violent mofo she grew up to be, instead of channeling her superior brainpower and leadership skills into something more socially acceptable. She was raped as a child, when she was too young to fight back. And at that point she realized the world was not going to give her any respect. Since respect would not be given, she decided to, in her words, "just take respect."

Just take respect. Hell yeah.

I was never raped as a child. But people, and in particular one person, did quite enough to me when I was too tired and weak to fight back. All I wanted was a little love and support and peace a long time ago, and I didn't get it. So fuck you, I made a better world for me. And I don't give shit. And I don't take shit. And I'm not in the shit market. And if you're not my close friend (and my close friends know who they are), don't go thinking you know jack shit about me and why I am how I am and why I do what I do.
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